2018 Rally for Science:

Saturday, May 19

Mears Park, St Paul Minneosta


On April 22 of last year, thousands of Minnesotans came together to demand support for science and evidence-based policies. Join us at noon on May 19 in Mears Park in St Paul, as we come together to demand accountability from policymakers and look toward making a difference for science in the coming election.

We will be hosting a rally, together with our partners - holding activities to engage families, educate the public, and raise awareness of our needs to lawmakers. Learn about our initiatives, meet with lawmakers, meet our partners, meet your neighbors who care about science, learn what you can do, and help us gather support for the policy changes we need to sustain a healthy public and a healthy world.

Join us and show your support for the mission of March for Science Minnesota. Show your support for science!


Why we are coming together

Active, direct advocacy and public outreach about science and evidence-based policy have never been more important than they are today. Over just this last year, we we have seen numerous policies & proposals endangering all the issues we care about: science funding, education, public health, and environmental stewardship.

And over this last year, our volunteers met with lawmakers to advocate for for support, not abandonment, of science-based policies. March for Science Minnesota partnered with various groups to provide forums to learn about and discuss pressing issues.

We need to continue that advocacy and outreach. We cannot afford to debate the validity of issues that have long since been decided. We need to act.