(1) using scientific evidence and scientific expertise to inform legislation and public policy

I support using scientific evidence and expertise to inform legislation and public policy. 


(2) the role of scientific expertise or scientific credentials in leading government agencies
(such as the CDC, EPA, NASA, or NIH) that conduct scientific research and enact
science-based policy

We need to use fact-based evidence and expertise to inform public policy and legislation. I’m married to a pediatrician, and I know all policies should be based on the best available data.


(3) achievement in K-12 science education for all Minnesotans

Science is an essential component of a well-rounded education. We must povide excellent science education for all students.


(4) supporting graduate education in the sciences, including opportunities for all Minnesotans

I support this.


(5) teaching the scientific consensus, and only the scientific consensus, on evolution and climate change

Clearly, we need more emphasis on all aspects of education, especially science. Education is the cornerstone of our survival as a species. The solutions that will save our planet, feed our population, and make the world a better place will all come from scientists. Therefore, our top priority should be to educate as many people as well as possible. I’m the product of public education and my wife is the product of public education, and she received her B.A. in Biology from Yale.


(6) using science to inform policy on public health problems, such as opioid abuse, mental health care, obesity, firearm safety, infectious diseases, and antibiotic resistance

We must have an answer based on scientific evidence for all of these problems. That’s why I storngly support allowing the CDC and other institutions to study the shooting epidemic we have in this country. I believe in listening to and following the advice of health care professionals when addressing the opiod epidimic, mental health care, infectious diseases, and antibiotic resistance. Our obesity problem is caused by the substances in our food, which go unregulated by the FDA and other agencies, despite their best efforts. As your next Congressperson, I will base all of my decisions on fact and not polling, or that which is politically “popular.”


(7) the role of vaccinations in public health policy

My wife is a pediatrician. Few things are more important than our vaccination programs. Through our vaccination programs and public health policy, we have managed to eliminate some of the world’s worst killers, small pox and polio being two examples, and yet we find ourselves backsliding now, with outbreaks of diseases such as measles, due to a lack of education and denial of facts. Ignorance is our greatest disease.


(8) developing and using sustainable energy sources in Minnesota

Sustainable energy is our greatest hope for survival. We can no longer depend on 19th Century cures for 21st Century problems. I’m fully committed to developing any and all sustainable energy programs.


(9) addressing concerns raised by environmental scientists about public health, sustainability, and ecological consequences in various land uses, such as mining, agriculture, and petroleum transport

We don’t just need to address these concerns, we must act on them. I am opposed to sulfite mining on the boundary waters. I believe in programs such as no-till agriculutral practices. We are smart enough to create pipelines that do not link, and if we cannot accomplish this we should not be using them.


(10) support for the consensus from the IPCC on climate change and its assessments on
impacts, adaptation, vulnerability, and mitigation strategies as they apply to Minnesota

I fully support the consensus from the IPCC on climate change and will work hard to enact every single aspect of this study.


(11) sustained funding for scientific research, both basic and applied

We need to vastly expand funding for scientific research, both basic and applied. We should at least triple the funding for scientific research in areas like climate change and health care.