Estimated 50k Rally in March for Science - Minnesota


April 22nd, 2016

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA - Today at our state’s capitol, thousands of people joined together to make their voices heard on the importance of science. Video analysis of marchers revealed that approximately 50,000 people joined the event. The crowd was led by an enthusiastic group of young people and their families bringing with them chants about their demand for climate justice. The massive crowd behind them was peppered with unified March for Science Minnesota t-shirts and lab coats, but overall clearly demonstrated the presence of everyday people who are passionate about the importance of science in their everyday lives.

The rally featured powerful speakers who spoke to the importance of scientific research and integrity. UMN Professor Mark Seeley called for a robust investment in science and advancement of scientific literacy among us. Park Center High School Science Teacher, Lindsey Burdick followed these sentiments by raising her concerns about the problems within our educational state standards which lack proper emphasis on topics such as climate change, vaccines, and antibiotic resistance. Minnesota Public Health Physician, Alan Lifson, passionately spoke about his work with AIDS patients at the U of M and how new medications brought by “advances in science [that] changed AIDS care from night to day and dark to light.” Agricultural and livestock field scientist, Bobwealth Omontese, PhD., delivered a lively speech connecting the issues between agriculture, water, land use, and our growing population which must be addressed through scientific investment to combat our looming issues.  Finally, Congresswoman Betty McCollum took the stage to fervently state that “Climate change is real, Vaccines save lives” and offered her wholehearted support for scientists to become politically active to ensure that funding continues and defend against dangerous gag orders.

Organizers see the event as a huge success in gathering far more people than was estimated and the peaceful demonstration is expected to send a clear message to our state and national legislature that the people of Minnesota demand publicly accessible scientific findings and publicly funded research for the betterment of our lives, our communities, and our environment.


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Name: Nichole Morris, Public Relations




March For Science Minnesota announces diverse community of partnerships for April 22nd


March 22, 2017

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA - So far, over 27, 000 concerned students, educators, parents, and neighbors plan to march to the Minnesota State Capitol on Earth Day in support of the integrity of knowledge and importance of scientific thinking. These March for Science participants will raise their collective voice to policymakers that publicly funded and publicly accessible science is inextricable from our pursuit of full and healthy lives. Hundreds already have volunteered to help coordinate the event to ensure a broad impact.


All participants will gather at Cathedral Hill Park in St. Paul, Minnesota at 11:00 am on April 22, 2017, then march together to the Minnesota State Capitol for a noon rally. Agenda will include inspiring speakers including those from climate sciences, agriculture, medicine, education, and students. Overall, we expect the program at the rally to be a memorable and energizing experience for all those who attend.


March organizers note that new partners are continually endorsing the march. "The breadth and diversity of science-based and community organizations joining the March for Science - Minnesota movement speaks to the importance of the organization's mission and the need for all community members to stand up for the vital public service role science plays in society and policy-making," says Satish Desai, President of the March for Science - Minnesota.


Several community organizations have extended their hand to partner and officially endorse the march. Major partners include grassroots activist campaigns such as MN350 and TakeAction MN, some of the state’s largest labor unions including, among others, SEIU and Minnesota Nurses Association, various professional associations, such as the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians and the American Chemical Society, as well as various local businesses like Tin Whiskers.


March for Science - Minnesota is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the Kids Climate March on April 22 which is organized by MN350, iMatter, and Climate Generation. The Kids Climate March will begin at the Science Museum at 10 am and they will be leading the march to the capitol.


In the coming weeks, the march organizers will share more information on logistics for event preparations and program itinerary. Organizers are encouraging participants to use Skedaddle and Rally Bus to organize bus transportation to and from march locations.


About MFSMN: The March for Science Minnesota is a grassroots, all volunteer coalition of scientists and non-scientists alike working to communicate scientific progress to policy makers and the public-at-large, as well as promote and defend publicly funded scientific research and ensure that publicly funded research is accessible to everyone.


Press Contact

Name: Nichole Morris